Relaunching a breakthrough technology

Transitioning to capture a ‘juicy piece’ of an $8bn market


Commercializing a new technology is a complex process

Hicor technology had been adapted and refined and, with a new CEO in place, they were ready to commercialize.

The technology had proven to significantly increase recovery in unconventional oil and gas production both working alongside existing artificial lift applications and on its own. Currently known as a compressor company, the management team knew that they needed to shake this association off to access the lucrative artificial lift market.

 “The branding looks great! It looks so different; everybody seems to think I took on a job in another company! I guess that was the idea… you guys did an amazing job.”

 Thorleif Egeli, Board Director

Transforming the business

Collaborating with the board and senior team at Hicor, Hundred identified how to reposition the company to resonate in the artificial lift market: to differentiate from the competition, and to easily communicate its value to partners, customers and investors. 

Reach Production Solutions was born, positioned as more than just a compressor, now boosting production from the surface at any stage of the well’s lifecycle. Focussing on multiphase production enhancement we elevated the values of more, faster and longer production, and quick and easy recovery from liquid loading – both attributes customers were looking for. In addition we highlighted Reach’s difference from other artificial lift as a simple plug and play solution requiring no intervention or additional infrastructure.

Delivering a bold brand

With commercialization imminent and a desire to make an immediate impact, the Reach brand needed to be bold. It needed to stand out from its competitors. And it needed to demonstrate the change from where it had been to where it wanted to be in the market. The resulting brand was uplifting and energizing with a feeling of momentum.

Instant brand success

Within just 4 weeks of its soft launch: the website had generated nearly 700 new users; the business presentation created a clear, relevant story for prospective customers; and the exhibition stand won best in show at the Dug Eagle Ford Conference and Exhibition.

“I love love the classy, simple and sophisticated branding. The name is so fitting for the brand and its positioning. One syllable: Powerful. Confident.
The brand and position looks like a new contender or challenger with the confidence to go far. It’s very Hundred Brands!”

Industry peer