Practical Innovation for tough challenges

Having grown quickly from local to global, how could Tercel unite their disparate teams squarely behind their customers’ needs?

Tercel exhibition stand

Drilling and well construction specialist Tercel had successfully acquired several innovative companies, giving them a huge opportunity, but also numerous challenges. They needed to build global capability across three continents, improve efficiency, retain talent, reassure investors and, of course, win customers.

Make it simple

In close partnership with leaders, our first step was to first create a unifying purpose. This would inform their cut-through corporate messaging and help unite employees under one brand.

Make it happen

Our next step was to get a customer view. We interviewed key clients to find out why they chose Tercel for their toughest challenges. This informed the next part of our research: multiple workshops across the stakeholder groups. By challenging teams to think about how they worked, we discovered their true differentiation – the way Tercel takes an idea that could help its customers perform better and then develops it into a product. We called it ‘practical innovation’ and a unique new brand was born.

Make it better

The new Tercel brand united the organisation, reinvigorated teams, promoted the business, solidified relationships, and became the platform for business growth. In fact, when the company was later bought by Rubicon Oilfield in 2016 they mentioned that the strong brand position was important to the purchase.

“Hundred were pivotal in achieving our goal of one cohesive brand. Their industry experience and fresh approach has given Tercel the perfect platform to grow its brand and profile.”

Hossam Elbadwy
CEO, Tercel Oilfield Products
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