About Us Actually, it's about you.

What do you want to achieve? What’s the business challenge that keeps you awake at night? Your key strategic goal?

With Hundred your ambitions become our ambitions. Your challenges, ours. We’ll use strategic thinkingintelligent creativity and purposeful communications to realize your competitive advantage. And we won’t stop until we get the right results for you.

It’s not the size of your organization, it’s the size of your ambition we’re interested in.

Whatever your goals, having the right partner will help make them a reality.
Here are just some of the things we can achieve together:

Engage and connect employees


How Hundred is different – A true partnership

Working side-by-side with you we form a unique and deep partnership – it’s totally bespoke, but at the heart of it there’s a measured process, based on our experience of working with companies like yours – even if your company is producing products our planet has never seen before. Your success is our success. And everything we do is based around achieving meaningful results.

We’re small, but mighty

As a proudly boutique-sized business, we pack a punch way above our weight. We offer more than just strategic advice, differentiated brands and impactful communications. We offer relevant and practical approaches that transform your business and get sustainable results.

We’re experts

We really listen to you. But we’re confident enough to challenge you, if we think it’s in your best interests. Our experience means we’re equally at ease in debate with the board of a Global Fortune 500, as we are coaching comms teams in ambitious hi-tech start-ups. Our clients trust us to solve their most complex communications conundrums and drive profitable growth.

We talk your language

Well, not literally. Our international reach means we’re well versed in the cultural nuances that drive businesses around the world. And, if you work in future-focused, pivotal and game-changing sectors like energy, technology and health, you know your complex products and services can be difficult for audiences to ‘get’. We get it and communicate so that audiences will understand your value too.

We’re nimble and precise

We’re a talented, multi-disciplinary team who speak the language of business – and of our clients. But what makes us really stand out is our ability to deliver an unequalled breadth and depth of experience. Our core team are supported by our carefully chosen network of associates giving us the nimbleness to create project teams that match your precise needs. From strategic communications consultancy to creative direction; event management to VR, you’ll get exactly the skillset you need, when you need it, to move your business forward.

Our process

Our proprietary models are used to support the process and never to get in its way. In our experience every project is unique and has its subtle nuances. The fun part is in: defining the objective; understanding the audience; simplifying the communications; designing the appropriate communications; ensuring the relevant message and tone; agreeing the actions required; measuring the impact / outcomes. And adding a good helping of creativity all along the way.

10 reasons to choose us:

  • 1. We make change happen
  • 2. We’re true partners
  • 3. We bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity
  • 4. We’re not afraid to challenge when needed
  • 5. We bring clarity and pragmatic solutions
  • 6. We’ll help deliver your ambitions
  • 7. We’ll support you with what you need today and tomorrow
  • 8. We make value visible for you
  • 9. We never give up
  • 10. We get results

We’re Hundred

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