Science institute seeks international recognition

Transitioning for International acknowledgement

Punching below its weight

Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) has been a long standing and recognized body for its scientific breakthroughs and achievements, both independently and in collaboration with peers. Ready to reinstate its visibility for its excellent academically stringent and commercially viable solutions, KISR embarked on a transformation program. The objectives of which were to realise a 20 year vision and ultimately leadership within the region and international recognition of success.

But to thrive in a friendly competitive market, they needed to quickly unite this disparate group of employees behind a common purpose. Recognizing that building pride was key to setting the business apart, we developed a creative, distinctive brand identity that reflected Archer’s strong personality.

“We are pleased with the success of the branding program. It’s now up to us.”

Dr. Naji Al-Mutairi
Director General, KISR

Reinvigorated positioning and branding

The program of work began with the engagement of all stakeholders and the interpretation of the 20-year vision to divisional level. The messaging strategy was developed to simplify the KISR position so that every member of the institute could articulate the scientific and technical construct of the institute and its differentiation, sighting national and international examples.

A messaging framework for customers, partners and peers highlighted an impressive track record of achievements. These credentials were fundamental to the communications planning and campaigns outlined to span four sectors.

To ensure the image of the Institute matched its heritage and future aspirations the branding was refreshed at an Institutional level, re-instating the premium and leadership principles inherent in the organization.

Equipping leaders

Enthused employees requested communications training to ensure that the storytelling and recognition of outstanding achievements and performance continued.

A business in growth

With a clear position, key messaging, a competitive brand and a strategic communications program of activity to penetrate the market and build awareness of the scientific and technical capability, achievements and collaborations KISR successfully launched – and is still today building momentum and recognition in the market.