Transforming behaviours to embrace AI

In order to engage with learning and development in incredible new ways, EDF Energy employees had to fundamentally change the way they work.

Driving for change

EDF Energy wanted to inspire innovation, while creating efficiencies and driving down costs. Their answer was an amazing, advanced virtual and physical hub, Campus, that combined traditional learning and development with gamification, machine learning and artificial intelligence. But for it to succeed, people had to want to use it.

Hundred were asked to help to create initial buy-in and lasting behavioral change, in partnership with senior leaders, HR and communications teams and external suppliers.

Partnering to engage

Stakeholder research helped us understand the audience’s perceptions and needs, while strategy workshops allowed us to create a compelling concept, while ensuring the team owned the solution. We then brought it all together with tools and messaging to persuade people at every level.

Dramatic savings

The result: EDF Energy soon noticed a positive change. Employees understood the concept and quickly embraced the new ways of learning, achieving the necessary performance results, while reducing the cost of learning and development by 20% – that’s a £5 million saving! Our ongoing campaign then ‘drip fed’ messages and support over eighteen months to fully embed the transformation.

“Hundred have the extraordinary ability to interpret your challenge in an innovative way and develop a unique strategy that really gives you that competitive edge.”

Lynne Matthews
Education and Skills Strategist, EDF Energy