Disrupting the market and revealing value

DWC had developed a radically new approach to solids control, but despite a great reputation with those in the know, the company’s uninspiring acronym, branding and marketing didn’t capture their story – or captivate potential customers. That’s why a new investor group asked Hundred to help.

Positioning for new markets

We led workshops with DWC’s leaders where we asked them to articulate the brand promise. What we heard was that solids were considered ‘the problem child’ in the petroleum process. But that DWC’s unique proposition had the potential to turn the management of solids into a key performance indicator and improve production. Traditionally there had been a three-phase value system – oil, gas, liquids. What we suggested that with their innovative approach, solids could be seen as the fourth. Putting the value proposition in this way was an ‘aha moment’ for the leaders which became the foundation for the company’s messaging — and a new name that quickly communicated the essence of their narrative.

Bold brand embodies value

The result: a name and image that made DWC — now FourPhase’s— value visible by clearly illustrating their underlying promise to customers. We then went on to develop the positioning statements, corporate and product names, a bold brand identity including website design and promotional tools. The company is now widely recognized as the experts in their field.

“I thought branding was mumbo-jumbo, until I saw what Hundred achieved. Now I push every company I invest in to take branding seriously.”

Espen Strom
Hundred Brands and FourPhase