The making of a disruptive multi-million-dollar market

We helped this ambitious business to demystify its disruptive technologies and boost its forward order book to the tune of $100 million.

Giving clarity of offer

Meta was a technology-led organization specializing in downhole isolation. Its ambitious new CEO’s bold new strategy was to build a portfolio of disruptive technologies —but the company needed to be able to demonstrate the value and benefits of these products to early adopters and investors.

Demystifying an ambition

A series of interviews and workshops got us to the heart of the tech and its value. Using this knowledge, we were able to support the board to simplify their proposition, redefine the company’s purpose and ensure all messaging was meaningful to the stakeholder groups.

Customer centricity delivers value

Our role was to build a story that customers could buy into, rather than drowning them in technical features and benefits. We re-thought all the existing brand touch points before rolling out an eye-catching brand campaign unlike any other in the industry. Our brand development extended to the website and across all sales and marketing materials. This consistent and memorable story did the trick: in the first year Meta doubled its previous years turnover and by the end of the following year they were a market leader with a forward order book of c$100m.

“We emerged with clarity around our offering; confidence in our capabilities and a strengthened global position that has, undoubtedly, helped us reach where we are today.”

Kevin Stewart
CEO, Meta Downhole
Meta sketching