Uniting behind a common purpose

How do you unite 8,000 people from seven specialist companies, 19 countries and 100 locations behind one new challenger brand? Go bold.

Archer began life as an oil & gas company with a traditional North Sea pedigree but limited global clout. In 2011, the board made several acquisitions to create an ambitious new organisation that was double the original size.

But to thrive in a fiercely competitive market, they needed to quickly unite this disparate group of employees behind a common purpose. Recognizing that building pride was key to setting the business apart, we developed a creative, distinctive brand identity that reflected Archer’s strong personality.

Collaboration to deliver at speed

With no time to lose, we rigorously examined Archer’s place in the market. In collaboration with the leadership, we created a succinct and stand-out corporate positioning and applied it to everything from the brand architecture to workwear, signage and a new website.

A new brand with muscle

The board loved the new brand and the communications teams around the world embraced it. Archer was the talk of the industry. It had the credibility to win several new contracts and became a trusted brand among much larger and more established peers.

“The branding looks stunning and I have received numerous calls congratulating me on the quality…a phenomenal success.”

Saad Bargach
Former Chairman, Archer
Archer Case Study Feature image