Uniting the team to embrace and support rapid change

Smoothing a tricky transition paved the way for Shelf Drilling to become the industry’s leading shallow-water drilling contractor

Carving out a new company

When Dubai-based Shelf Drilling, a major shallow-water drilling contractor, completed its separation from Transocean, it was the largest oil and gas industry carve-out in recent times. Approximately 3,500 worldwide employees would transfer as part of the transaction, as well as 38 rigs across 12 countries. Shelf Drilling’s ambition was to become the jack-up drilling contractor of choice for its customers, employees and investors. Achieving independence on this scale would be complex and challenging.

Our challenge was to help pave the way for a smooth, effective and impactful transition.

Uniting the team behind change

To the timescales demanded, we helped anticipate and overcome every obstacle that stood in their way to achieve this. We understood the sensitivities surrounding such an overhaul and fully appreciated the need to bring the power of the workforce along with us on the journey. Our approach had three key elements: sound, practical advice and guidance; hands-on help to make it all happen; and speed. We developed the right messages at the right time to unite the team and get them right behind the change.

Creating a new identity

We reviewed and refined Shelf Drilling’s corporate identity to reflect the change. Externally, we devised and delivered a carefully planned program of communications to raise market awareness where it mattered, when it mattered.

Working as an integral part of the Shelf Drilling team, we helped create a company that, through focus and experience, fast became the industry’s leading shallow-water drilling contractor worldwide.

“The Hundred team performed an outstanding job in delivering to our aggressive timelines while ensuring that the quality of the work product was thoughtfully considered, integrating the different perspectives of the management team despite the intense demands on their time. As a testament to the quality of the work that they did, our website to this day is largely built on what they delivered to us over 4 years ago. This, and the enduring legacy that they helped us build, allowed us to become a leader in our market segment within a very short time.”

Ian Clark – Executive Vice President

“Before working with Hundred, we thought selecting a branding firm meant choosing between bold creativity, clear-eyed business advice, or deep, instinctive knowledge of the energy sector.  With Hundred, you get all three.”  

Gary Sernovitz , Lime Rock Partners