Point makes a market leader — and a cool $25m

Archer had the unrivalled disruptive technology. Hundred had the skills to turn that technology into the market leading brand.

A product portfolio punching below its weight

40% of wells worldwide are affected by integrity failures – endangering lives, causing pollution and ruining reputations. International oil & gas company Archer had created a remarkable array of disruptive technology to improve the reliability of their clients’ wells. The only problem was — no one knew about it.

Getting to the point

Clear communication was the key to unlocking the product portfolio’s potential. We were asked to create a distinctive brand offer and build awareness with potential customers.

Partnering with the client and management teams, we repositioned the importance and value of the portfolio to develop the brand name ‘Point’, together with its identity, positioning and value proposition which informed a communications strategy and international campaign. The campaign leveraged emerging discussions on well integrity which ensured relevance and promoted proven successes.

Point well made

Point transformed a previously obscure offering into a distinctive and ambitious services brand that brought energy, clarity and relevance to an intensely competitive sector, firmly establishing Archer as the market leader in well integrity. The result was a 70 X return on initial investment. A $25m revenue increase in the first 18 months.

And, after 5 years revenue has tripled.

“Our product line benefited from incremental revenue of more than $25m in 18 months, which we attributed almost entirely to the brand program.”

Ken Feather
VP Marketing & Sales, Archer

Archer Point