Amplifying brand value through unified positioning

Articulating true value in the face of competitive exaggeration.

Aligned brand and customer experience

Navtech Radar are market leaders in radar detection solutions for the most challenging situations. Existing customers rate them highly but their market awareness is low in comparison to their competitors who were ‘out-marketing’ them with overstated offers and undercutting.

Keen to stay true to themselves and not be drawn into hyperbole, Navtech Radar wanted a clear messaging tool-kit with which they could clearly and consistently articulate their true value in the face of competitive exaggeration. Stakeholders would immediately know who Navtech Radar are, what they stand for and, ultimately, that they can trust them to deliver.

“Hundred took the time to fully understand our business and what we wanted to achieve through the project. We now have a set of messaging which can be used across all our marketing activity and sales dialogue.”

Ines Feldon, Marketing Manager, Navtech Radar

Built on insight

The key to delivering the differentiated positioning was through substantiated market insight. Desk research looking at the customer and competitor markets was augmented by in-depth interviews with key customers and internal employees. This rich source material meant the position we adopted would be relevant and meaningful to our audiences whilst being differentiated from the competition.

Generating consensus

In an organization encouraging strong opinion and innovation each member of the work session felt strongly about the direction of the business. Getting to the nub of Navtech Radar’s position using creative stimulus built on insight meant that consensus formed faster creating a unified approach for Navtech Radar and two of it’s core market offerings: highways and security.

Communicating value

With Navtech Radar, safety is everything. The strapline is wrapped around the central position and value propositions for the corporate messaging, with adaptations for their core market offerings. With this central tool-kit, Navtech Radar are able to: communicate their value with a single consistent message; focus on what sets them apart from the crowd and why they are the market leaders in radar detection and safety solutions; bring it all together and unite the messages under a single phrase.