We need to do better things

They say that Uber was born one rainy night in Paris when two entrepreneurs couldn’t get a cab. Instead of building on the old, flawed concept, they looked at things differently. And from then on, a new industry was formed giving rise to Lyft, Ola, Didi and Taxify to name but a few. This wasn’t about making taxis better. It was about doing better things.

Modern business is leaner. We’re being asked to do more with less. Demonstrate the ROI and making sure it’s worth the investment. But when competition is fierce it’s not enough to just do things better. We need to take a few risks, disrupt the status quo and innovate.  Do better things.

Think about what is inherently flawed about your industry, how your currently serve your market. What better things could you create? You never know – you might just stumble upon the next Uber!

We say:

1. Innovate rather than trying to adapt something that’s inherently flawed

2. Be brave

3. Celebrate the difference

Share your ideas with Hundred.  We’d love to know how you’re doing better things in your industry.