Never form over function

It seems like no one knows better than Disney in recent years that it’s not just what you look like that matters but that you need to have purpose too. Goodbye Disney’s singing damsels in distress – welcome stronger, sassier princesses with a bit of gumption. They’re tapping into the zeitgeist.

We need to be mindful of that need for purpose in how we present ourselves as brands. Being beautiful is simply not enough to grow sales and increase revenue. It has to work, to address the ‘what’s in it for me’ intrinsically asked by the audience. It has to be quantifiable and meaningful – and don’t get us wrong, with 93% of communication being non-verbal, it has to look good too.

We say:

1. Remember why you’re communicating in the first place

2. Keep the audience front of mind

3. Get noticed with impactful design

What’s your favorite example of something functional that looks good too? Share it with us at Hundred. We’d love to know.