How to be human

…And why it’s key to growing your B2B brand

Using emotional, warm, interesting campaign content is a sure-fire way to stand out from your competitors and to persuade your customers that you are the right brand for them.

The B2B buyer journey is changing. Growing numbers of decision makers are making it longer and more complicated. Your business needs to work harder than ever to convince customers to commit. But regardless of your sector, products, services or business model, there’s one thing we guarantee all your customers have in common. Yup. They’re all human — people just like you. And they like to be engaged as much as any B2C business consumer.

Top tips for the human touch:

Have a purpose
It doesn’t have to be laudable – but you do have to mean it.

Enthusiasm is catching. When you know what you stand for; when your employees are passionate about your mission, and live and breathe your values, your customers are more likely to buy into you — literally. 

Get up close and personal
Talk to customers on their level.

Use empathy, understanding – and let’s face it, data to find out who your customers are and what they really want. Customers expect your business to be able to react to their needs quickly and accurately. Your business needs to be agile and able to make fast decisions. And your marketeers need to be in tune with sales targets and business priorities to help give customers what they need to make speedy buying decisions.

Talk the talk
And out robot the robots. 

With AI now able to seamlessly replicate human conversational skills on social media, it’s never been more important to make your business’s tone of voice warm and chatty rather than corporate and cold. Add personality and individuality to make your business memorable.

Be open
Is your message clear? 

Is it understandable? Is it honest and direct? These are the traits we aspire to in a more human brand. And, if you make a mistake own up to it. Apologise. It’s not the mistakes people remember, it’s how you handle them.

Think differently
You can’t, and shouldn’t, replicate B2C marketing.  

But you can borrow for their thinking and use your creativity and expert sector knowledge to cut through the noise and directly influence your customers’ buying decisions.

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